The Center for Shared Parenting was founded on June 1, 2013 in Novi Sad as a citizens’ association, the Association of Fathers. The main goal of the Association of Fathers was the systematic protection of different forms of families and children with a special emphasis on the role of the father in parenting.

The fact that parents who do not exercise parental rights independently were completely cutt off from their children and the children from them was worrying.

Over time and working on this issue, the focus shifted to children from the marginalized group of children and parents in divorce. By working on over 1,500 difficult stories, similar events in actions of interest to children, active members and collaborators developed not only attitudes but also an approach to the problem, and everything was approached through various types of activism and education.


Numerous seminars, panels, conferences, public performances, meetings at different levels have led to progress in the position of children and parents in the aforementioned procedures.

By pointing out the abuse of parental rights, excessive, non-objective, often false portrayal of domestic violence, as well as emotional abuse of children through manipulation by the parents with whom the children live, we focused on the need to realize equal parenting as an empirically proven way of solving these problems.

Since 2015, the Association has been in contact with similar associations and initiatives in the region: North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Slovenia, with which cooperation was ratified on November 10, at the Regional meeting of the initiative in Novi Sad through the Declaration on Cooperation. at the Regional meeting of the initiative in Novi Sad through the Declaration on Cooperation. With continued and expanded cooperation, the Conference on Shared Parenting was held in Ljubljana on October 27, 2021 organized by the DOOR Society, the first such conference in Slovenia and this part of Europe.

The Association of Fathers has changed its goals and tasks due to evolutionary events and progress, which on April 6, 2022. through the new Statute and through the changed name of the association into the Center for Shared Parenting, which was the result of all previous steps and the need to promote and implement equal parenting in Serbia, and in cooperation with related associations in the region.

Today, the Center achieves goals in the areas of: Promotion and full implementation of equal parenting during marriage, during divorce and after divorce of the parents of children as the best interest of children, social and legal protection of children and adults, human and children’s rights, the right to systemic family protection, children, parents and close family members of children.

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