Our Mission

By providing experiential, social, psychological and legal support to parents and children from marital and extramarital relationships in the process of divorce, the post-divorce period and marriage, they enable the best possible solutions that are primarily in the best interest of the child.

Informing citizens and educating experts in the fields of social, legal, health care and education about the best model for a child, equal parenting without discrimination.

Everything became meaningless, I didn’t believe I would ever see my child again, I didn’t trust the institutions, I didn’t know what to do, the constant unfounded and rejected applications and expenses completely exhausted me. I decided to give up and then my sister told me that she heard about you. The procedure is not over, but my child and I now see each other and hang out. Now I know there is no giving up, never, let’s move on TOGETHER!

Anonymous • company owner

I was an aunt, yes I was. the sake of maintaining the family, the brother rejected his sister from his son’s life. No, I don’t have my own children, that’s why I have him. My nephew doesn’t get it now because he’s little, but I know I’ll be an aunt again. With the Center for Shared Parenting and the team I worked with, my hope was restored. I understood, neither courts nor lawsuits are worth it, he and I are important. His aunt loves him.

Anonymous • Project Manager

Our Vision

Every child, whether he lives in a married, cohabiting, single-parent, relative or foster family, has the right to live his life, growing up, health, upbringing and events of his importance in a harmonious environment while developing healthy relationships with both parents and their relatives and to it should be the choice of both the child and the parents without blackmail and without any form of violence in the family and against the child.